15 January 2008


I had Oprah on today, and she featured a The Container Store for one of the segments. I was immediately in love. Of course we don't have The Container Store here (of coure) but I want it. So I went to the website:

And I had to laugh. And then I thought: "it's a little teeny bit scary how much power Oprah has" I mean, love the girl, but seriously...she probably really could take over the world. Dren used to have a joke that Oprah and Martha are aliens sent to take over the world. I guess Martha got a little sidetracked from her mission. :)

Gratitude is back! (I really think I need it...it works!)
Sooooo very grateful for the first sunny day in a loooong time. Took Momo to the dog park!

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sarah said...

Oprah does have a lot of power!
wow...how funny and scary at the same time! :)

Next time you're in the states...
find a Container Store. It's AWESOME. An organizers dream! And even if you aren't very organized you just WANT to be by looking at all the cool stuff they have to offer.