23 June 2006

oh! well looky here...

it's friday!

i love MG
she is so creative in this totally unique way.
i've tried to emulate her a couple of times and always end up laughing at myself.
she was miss june today over at the dares.
WOW did i have a helluva hard time with this.
but then it popped into my brain and away it flew.
FUN FUN stuff.
i was also busy this week doing wedding invites for some good friends.
i'll have to share as soon as i get one back from her and scan it.
for now, i'll leave you with a little something...
i'm off to a party and hopefully i'll feel like scrapping when i get home!



Michelle W. said...

that's gorgeous Gen!

totally rocking this dare! He's such a cutie! (in a friend's husband kinda way)

Missy said...

Dren is such a handsome man!!
and I love the love you two have for each other ;)

oh, and the page KICKS ASS...
but you know this ;)

sarah.b said...

This is soooo cool! LOVE it! Always love youor stuff Gen! You
are such a talent!

Alison said...

Gorgeous man, gorgeous page, Gen goodness.
Love it all.

The Other Half said...

as always, you're awesome

ANGI B said...

i think your work is FAB, Gen
and you are right up there with the fabulous MG

: )