26 June 2006


& sweaty, with a side of kiwi & strawberry cider.
seriously. woah. it's hot.
i wonder if it's actually a different hot or if i'm different?
is there some sort of body change, similar to menopause with its hot flashes, that women go through around 28? i'm mean...EW.
so besides being disgustingly hot, i'm good.
i totally love my life right now...there's just not quite as much time to sit around and reflect on that fact as i'd like. but oh well, right? i mean...it's summer!

i do wish i could have taped this guy on the bus the other day though, and played it for you here. he was a spiritual NUT (and i mean, like, takentoomuchacidfreakishcrazykindanut) who kept rambling on, kinda like he was preaching to his dear sweet companion, but in the voice and tone and using the intellect of oh say...i don't know...maybe one of the dudes from bill & ted's excellent adventure!? or some other dumb-as-a-post talker. uhh...yeah. duuuuude.

"so...like...you know...there's like these computer chips deep down inside us you know...and like...even though our destinies are like totally predetermined and all...your path is ready for you to follow....it's all laid out in front of you like a rainbow...like well...you know...you think you're making a choice, but you're like totally not making a choice you know...it's like you're already programmed and like you don't even know what you're going to choose but it's already chosen for you and there's nothing you can really do except you know like sometimes, when you can like go way down deep and really connect with the universe...you can maybe like change that computer chip and reprogram it. you know?" -dude on bus

oh. i know. dude.


amberskolnick said...

you did a good job scripting him

Alison said...

Is there anything so fine as a gloriously happy blogger who infuses her blogging with joy?
I think not.
Thanks for the mood lift.

Funky Finds said...

What's this kiwi & strawberry cider you speak of? Sounds delicious! :)

Caroline said...

god it's insanely hot(&humid) in so-cal too
and i've come across guys like that. lol

Alissa said...

I hear ya on the sticky hot summer! What happened? Where did spring go? :)

oh, dude, that guy sounds like he's from bellingham! LOL!

Missy said...

you are silly... and I miss you :)
what is this kiwi strawberry cider you speak of?

April said...

gotta love the summer bizziness.
miss you.
and that cider sounds yummy.


Anonymous said...

Gen you got me rolling . . . :)

Nicole said...

oops that was me . . .