19 June 2006

and the winners are...

uhm so yeah...i hate the fact that i could only pick two for now.
cause seriously...if i could give all of you a book i would.
i lovedlovedloved reading through all of your quotes and my collection is now so much more complete because of them.
so thanks so much for playing!

jaxon was out of commission today...playing hard right up til bedtime.
so i enlisted the help of the larger boy in the house.

he was very into it...made me get shots of the whole process...and boy did he make a production out of it. quite possiby the worst photographs i have ever taken. but hey...whatever right!? did the job. so thanks to my sweetie for helping!

congratulations gloriarose & mel g!!!
please email me w/ your addresses & i'll get the books out to you right quick! (or as close to that as i manage...we all know i'm a procrastinator).

and stay tuned.
i want to give more books away.
this is fun!
i just have to think up something fun to do.

8:56pm. time to wind down.
night all.


Mel G said...

wahooo, i'm thrilled gen. thank you, thank you, thank you. (and thanks also to your fabulous assistant!) okay, i'm e-mailing you now!! :)

Mara said...

you are the cutest.

64zulane aka Jody :) said...

you are so very generous!

Randell said...

Thanks for the cool game, lotsa FUN! Have a terrific tuesday!

sarah said...

so cute! love that you two took photos of the event!
congrats to your winners...they will LOVE the book!

Alison said...

You're too cute.