06 June 2006

so close

to falling of the wagon today. i mean, i've cheated on my diet up to this point...don't get me wrong. BUT i've kept everything in moderation. i really honestly truly think that today was one of those make it or break it days. where i could have truly fallen and not gotten up. i wanted a fish burritto from taco del mar more than just about anything in the entire universe. it was making me SO grumpy. colleen (my diet & exercise partner in crime) was NO HELP. she wanted one too. ha ha!


we looked it up online. over 1000 calories in one of those suckers.
that is a whole lotta lovin.
girls...i love food.
i just do.
i wanted one.
SO BAD. (did i say that already???)
but dudes...it's tuesday! cheat day is friday! i knew i wouldn't make it through.
besides...i've had a couple of glasses of vino here and there...i just knew that if we didn't push through this ginormous brick wall that we would be done for. SO. in went the chicken..bawk bawk. off i went to safeway to fill j's prescription, return the balsamic vinegar that dren purchased yesterday for 20 something dollars and get a somewhat more moderately priced option, and pick up whole wheat organic tortillas to make our own wraps. (and i got change...like 7 bucks plus). dinner comin in at under 500 calories for the whole meal people. hell yes. i don't relly count calories or anything, but watching what i eat has definitely made me much more aware of what i'm putting into my body. that, my friends, is a VERY good thing. especially with the way my thighs and belly were expanding. and most importantly, i'm FEELING BETTER. i no longer feel like i'm getting "old". i have more energy. i'm still pretty cranky from time to time...i think it's a 5:30 lack of sustanance thing though.

anyway, enough ranting and raving from this end of the world. i want to get my scrap on. yes, again.

i think i might have a fish burritto on friday.



The Other Half said...

ohhhh...fish burritos...fish tacos...yummm...my weakness...

Missy said...

good for you!!!
oh I have to get ON the wagon ;)
Thanks for the inspiration, chickie :)

Caroline said...

fish burritos?
those sound yummy!

Alison said...

That sounds dang good.

Michelle W. said...

darn it, not you made me hungry

Mara said...

you're are so so good, gen!
i totally need to hang with YOU.

Kelly said...

Today is fish burrito day!!! I say GO FOR IT! You deserve it :D

Lu said...

you go girl. you have to treat yourself sometimes!

island girl said...

i hate dieting!! and i hate working out...but you have to do what makes you feel god...and Lu's right..you gotta treat yourself every now and then!!