30 June 2006

friday & a long weekend

yeah baby!!!
i should be getting ready for work right now.
why does time seem to FLY in the morning?

but i quickly gotta post today's DARE.
i seem to have the cutting-out-of-patterned-paper obsession these days.
the paper looks at me and screams "cut me up right now!!!"
and i think between that and cutting rubber stamps (yay purple onion!!) i'm damaging a nerve in my thumb.

happy friday all!


Anonymous said...

i totally dig your stuff
and i love the cut-outs
and the fact that you
look mysterious and
hot in this. Hot sexy,
not hot temperature.

Christina said...

what up G?

Cool layout!! Loving the paint and cut out......very coolio.

I finally did a dare! Check me out on Dare 32!! I'm a bit behind but I already have my journaling done for this list dare! whoooooo!!


Missy said...

I love the cutting-outedness of the patterned paper ;)
and I love that pic of you.
and now I want long hair.
none of this pom-pom on my head ponytail shit.

Robyn L said...

i love this dare- i'm totally not even reading yours or the other effers' LO's yet, until after i do mine. Caught a glimpse of them on the site though and they all look awesome!

www.robynlewis.typepad.com said...

LOL, ignore that website linked to my old blogger acct...

it's just me

Caroline said...

looooove it, dude!