05 June 2006

monday already?

sigh. well, it was a great weekend. friday we went to see the da vinci code. i found it very interesting and it really got me thinking more about religion. i do not "belong" to any organized religion. i guess most of the time people are religious because of growing up "in" it; being taught to believe something. behaviours and beliefs are modelled for children, and they in turn believe and model. however, sometimes the chain gets broken, and patterns change. so, i grew up not being religious, and not learning about religion or god. and yet, since my early teen years...in fact, since i was a child with friends going to sunday school (which seemed just so fun by their descriptions), i have been curious. as a young adult, i thought that i would take religious studies and history at university. the subject fascinates me. there is something in me...as an adult i can feel it and identify with it. a spiritual component that is like a sponge...wanting to soak up information and learn, learn, learn. i try to identify with that side of myself when i can, and it feels good.

and boy, did i get my scrap on this weekend. the 1 year old party was fun. taila looked like a princes...can't wait to get through those pix and start scrapping them. for now, here are some of the pages from the album i gave my friend tanya. it was a hit :)


Missy said...

oh my sweet gen.
what a wonderful and thoughtful gift.
you are a wonderful friend :)

Nisa said...

holy scrap attack!
so rad!
you are an amazin' amazin' woman!
love ewe.

sarah said...

that is some gift!
what a wonderful friend you are!

Jamie said...

wow girl, that scrapage is out of control coolio!!! you are so sweet! :)

Sarah said...

oh man. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

well, i guess you got your scrap on. it would take me a month to do that many LO's. love seein' your stuff!!

Alissa said...

WOW! You really did get scrappy this weekend!
AWESOME stuff there, Girl!
AWESOME gift! :)


The Other Half said...

right on...lovin those

em said...

well you have been a busy little beaver! what a fabuloso gift!

Mara said...

so ya, your pages...
they rock.

Anonymous said...

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