06 July 2007


what to say what to say? i'm tired. i'm counting the minutes til quittin' time. hot. sushi for lunch was most delicious. need new music. bad. suggestions? feeling like scrapbooking. love the blue sky and the butterflies. little bits of breeze are so nice. need to get a bike. so over work for the week.

how cute is that little man clip? so cute. can't wait to show this to carmichael. i think he'll be happy. must work on making some sort of a late-night photo studio in my house. perhaps i can take over part of the kitchen for that?

I work for my sister & brother-in-law's company. Yes, there have been many many challenges and obstacles to overcome because of this, but lots of benefits too. Today, for example, I said to Rhi "can I go take a steam shower because my skin is hating this weather" and so I did. She's go this amazing shower - it's got a waterfall thingy and a regular hose thingy and then steam. OMG SO incredible. my skin is still baby soft. I used all her lovely products and awesome face stuff. Wicked. Then I went back to work! :) I hope everyone has a lovely weekend...xog


renee said...

awesome page! I love it! quick question, when is your book (the dares) coming out?

gabbyfek said...

i want a steam shower
how much do i love that you got to take a shower at work?

gabbyfek said...

so mucho.

Nicole said...

awesome page and I love the little man clip - love that you can take a shower at work.