20 July 2007


I've been MIA the last few days. I was gearing up for a big meeting we had last night at the co-op. We had to pass a resolution with all the members in order to be able to borrow the ginormous amount of money we need to fix the building. The amount of paperwork and preparation and "officialness" that goes into the whole process is amazing. And not in a good way. But, I'm learning a lot and last night all went well and the resolution was unanimously passed. Hooray! We are going to get our building FIXED! No more leaks and no more mould! It will be a long process, but we're further along than we have been yet. Good news, very good news. And just another thing to add to my plate. Heck...what's one more thing!?

What else? No time to write cause I'm up to my brain socket in work (both salaried and freelance and personal).

Here's my dare for this week. I love that lil Jaxon face. I wanna squeeze it. Where does the time GO exactly???


Being early today was so rewarding. At 6:55am we were sitting in the car in the parking lot of Jaxon's daycare waiting for the lady to come and open it and I asked him if he wanted to wait in the car or go play in the playground. He chose to go play, and asked me to push him on the tire swing. He had so much fun...showing me how he jumps off it as it slows down. The huge grin on his face lit up my own and left happy in my heart that is still sitting there.


Kelly S. said...

what a beautiful baby J was! (and still is)
I love when I get up early and don't have to rush! it really does make the day better, especially when you have moments like you had on the playground.
hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Kelly S. said...

was wondering what was up with the dares site???

gloriaRose said...

Yes, what happened to the dares site?