25 July 2007


With a side of busy on top! Is it seriously Wednesday already!? Aley & mum are both moving and between that and co-op and some freelance graphics work I've picked up and family and regular work and my back being screwed up due to falling on my ass in Safeway last Friday.........UGH. Tonight, I put Jaxon to bed in our bed with a movie. Is that wrong? Don't answer that. It's bitch Wednesday!

Lots of bitchin to do, but also lots of great and exciting stuff going on as well.

I'm trying to find the scrap of paper that I've been keeping notes on for days as I think of things I want to document. So, I've got lots of scrappin "material" but also I had some stuff I just wanted to journal, ie: blog. Oh well. Must be Wednesday.

I need a massage and you have to really go to someone you know is good, whether you've been before or through a referral. I've had some BAD massages before. Do you know when they pinch your skin? I hate that.

Falling. In the Safeway produce department. Water on the floor by the corn table thing. Me? No basket, wallet, keys and cell phone and meat and bread and salad and I think some kettle chips too in my hands. I go literally feet up in the air. I really wish I could have seen my face. I mean, I'm a klutz through and through, but it doesn't usually includ quite that much drama! A kind and slightly greasy looking man helped me up so that alleviated some of the flushed-cheek feeling I was beginning to have.

Junk. You know when you go and help someone purge or sort or organize or pack or move? And you come home with half the shit they needed to get rid of? What is that about? Seriously, we live in an apartment building. Where am I going to put the hammock? Each time I said, "yes, sure!" to a new item, I was more and more certain that Dren would look at the stuff once we both were home and go "Gen!" in that half-way pissed off, half-way seriously pissed off and half-way giving up and defeated. Yes, well, that's exactly what happened. He knows he can't seriously do anything about it, but we don't have a lot of space here and I keep promising no more crap. Less crap, in fact!

Ah well, if I can figure out how to hang that hammock, I'll be one grateful girl :)



Alison said...

you are a delight

Nicole said...

ouch on the fall...I am a klutz at times too (the kids think it was funny watching me sprain my ankle falling down the stairs)...ohhh, a massage sounds good.

Candice Carpenter said...

I'm laughing over here...the apartment thing...soooo can relate. And it always seems like my family and freinds are purgin crap on me...and i have high hopes...until i have to find storage for it. Storage - Ha! We can barely walk in a straight line as it is!

I hope you're ok from your fall! Falling runs in my family. My mom just fell this week and twisted her ankle...for the 100th time. Good thing for greasy men?