04 July 2007

i have not forgotten

let's get to some bitchin!

i'm a melting, sweaty mess. even if i felt like putting makeup on in the morning (which i don't) it would be gone because i'm that melty. EW. i need a cabana boy with an extra large palm leaf immediately.

head filling up with TO-DOs (in turn, this often leads to overwhelmed gen, and from time to time a serious meltdown). must. try. to. not. melt. down.

NERVOUS that our co-op membership will meet the proposal of having FOUR mortgages with much resistance. i don't blame them, but our building is leaky and we have to get it fixed. loan proposal is tonight, but we won't know for sure until the 19th. being the chair of the board at this particular time is a bit stressful, to say the least.

needing a pedicure like no-one's business.

solo time has come to a close. time to pick up the boy and try to not pass out on the way.

bitchbitchbitch. yay!

Caught up on 187 emails today. What a load off.


Mara said...

i hear you on the hot.
enjoy your day.

sarah said...

i agree...
it's TOO darn hot.
it was 92 here yest. ugh.

LOVE the stamps.

Kelly S. said...

Your papers and name are in Memory Makers this month! I think it was under "new products"
pretty cool, eh?