07 August 2007

Friday Night

gratitude:Friday night. My last day of work before holidays had just ended. I wanted something relaxing and comforting, and I asked my mum to cook dinner for us and bring it over. She agreed, of course she agreed. She misses cooking for people...has a hard time cooking nice meals for just herself, and that fit in with what I needed/wanted and I knew that. I need some time with my mum and she needed the same. The cooking/eating part just fit in with us as a family. It's the perfect way to catch up. We're all busy, but we still need to eat, right? We invited Colleen, who has her mum in town, and of course Carmichael too. They brought home-made soup and we had roasted chicken and sweet potato and steamed vegies and a beautiful salad. A 3 course meal...how nice is that!? It was nice. And I was reminded just how nice the next day when I spotted The Red Bowls waiting to be put into their home, the cabinet in my art space. Gorgeous.

Today=Spent getting out of "work" mode and into "holiday" mode. Kind of rough, strangely enough. I think I thrive off routine and not having one throws me into a bit of a tizzy. But we did see Bourne Ultimatum. So Good. AND I cut up some paper. gasp.

Thoughts of the Dares site and what a nightmare it kind of is are coming back to me...must be all this time sitting at the computer writing this post. Must go before feelings of anxiety and irritation fully creep back in. Off to bed & a book (thanks to goodreads, which pretty much rocks my world right now).



renee said...

i love that photo...just something about it..possibly the colors...i just love it! also, just wanted to tell you that i really enjoy reading your blog...very inspiring! have a fun time off!

Lu said...

you are going to get it together with the new site. I love it so far. Also, things happen for a reason and this could be a blessing in disguise.

Tammy said...

those bowls are gorgeous. Nothing beats a beautiful family meal glad you had a great night. Keep smiling