10 August 2007


My holidays have been so busy that I wonder how I can actually have a full-time job. But, apparently I can. In talking to friends about this, they have informed me that the ideal length of vacation is 3 weeks. In talking to my mama, she thinks 6. Yes, it's true, either of those would be preferable to 1 week, but I'll have to take what I can get, right? And although busy, I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. Today we went to Watermark at Kits Beach. Me, mama, Jaxon, Colleen, her mama, and Carmichael. The boys were SO well-behaved while we ate at the ultra-chic and only somewhat family-friendly restaurant. It's gorgeous.

Today, I'm grateful for a lunch with friends and family, and for walking on the beach together. I'm grateful for holidays, and sharing a bottle of nice wine in the middle of the day. I'm grateful for Jaxon learning to swing on his own and "practicing until I can get better than daddy one day". I'm grateful for being able to do a little escaping this week, and taking a break for myself.

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sarah said...

sounds lovely!