27 February 2007

too much on the "to do" and freestyle fun

  • My email is a little bit out of control. Eek. Hopefully today I will get a pile done. Or at least several. If you're waiting, thank you for your patience and I haven't forgotten you :)
  • Cleaning. Did some yesterday, not all.
  • Scrapping. It's really all I want to do lately, but there is some I need to do. That's good right?
  • Toy purge. Yes, they are beginning to overtake our world again.
  • See the eye doctor.
  • Go to the dentist.
  • Enjoy at least a tiny bit of fresh air and sunshine today. Yes...it's sunny :)
  • Reading. I have about 4 or 5 books calling my name right now. They're eagerly awaiting my next scrapping slump!

As enthralling as my to-do list is I'm sure, I think I'll stop there. And post some layouts that were to be in the second Freestyle book. RIP, Freestyle.

This first one was a challenge to use 70 of something on a page. I used 70 of my beloved Heidi Swapp photo corners. I love this page. It was rejected, so I did the next one below, using 70 epoxy stickers. Used one of my all-time fave kid books "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. And just in case anyone is doing the math, that's 140 of stuff. That's a lotta stuff!

This was to use canvas. The page is on canvas (photos printed on canvas photo "paper"), the letters and stamped elements are cut out of canvas, and that's about that!

I think if I remember this was to use a "found" item...the little heart doily was mine. It and the key were sent to me by a friend a looong time ago, Heather. I miss Heather. Thank you Heather! I used the same photos in my 4459 mini book from the Scrapologie February kit guest designer thing, but they were a mistake print because I had "greyscale" checked. This page was made a long time ago with the "good" photos in colour.

This has been a lovely bloggin interlude in my current work day. Thank you, blogger.

PS. Did I say it's sunny??? I hope everyone has a great day!!


Rene said...

Gorgeous pages you've posted today!!! I'm especially loving "Love You Forever" and "Calm"... I'm feeling inspired!

Enjoy the beautiful, sunny day!

xobellaaimox said...

at first i thought i was at the wrong blog. but i'm not :). i like the new look.. and love your new LOs!

gloriarose said...

I just LOVE all these LO's.
That's what I love about your blog.
Makes me whanna scrap.

ania said...

Hm. I don't get the rejection thing. I thought your Heidi Swapp layout was fab! Anyways, seems like you've got two oh so fab layouts now then :)

Missy said...

RIP Freestyle...
you crack me up.
Miss you, sweets :)

amy.k said...

Wow, "Love You Forever" is beautiful, love it! Love how the rub-ons and epoxy stickers work together. So inspiring, thanks!

alissa said...

more amazing stuff, girl!
i think i love it all, but am especially fond of the "calm" one!
let me know next time you are coming down! :)


Alison said...

oh man
these are amazing
love the new blog look too

Astrid said...

Too bad about the freestyle book 2. Love your LO's! Wish it was sunny here :( no such luck on my day off.

Klala said...

You reject.

Kelly said...

your talent blows me away!
these are all amazing, gen!!!

MichelleStrachan said...

You have some gorgeous work here!

MichelleStrachan said...

You have some gorgeous work here!

Heather M. said...

Totally LOVE that canvas!

gabbyfek said...

i lub the pages
oh so very very very much.
and i'm happy for your sunny day.