17 October 2006

dust yourself off

and try again.
ebb and flow.
ups and downs.
all that jazz.
tonight me and the man have a date with the couch.
and vince vaughan and jennifer aniston.
and maybe some chocolate cake.


sarah said...

cozy-ing up on the couch.
vince and jen.
chocolate cake...
sounds like a perfect night to me. :)


Missy said...

oh boy oh boy do I miss you much.
go snuggle.

Ruth said...

I do hope you are feeling a bit better. It's horrid to feel poorly.

Kim said...

Your date will not end well with Vince and Jennifer--at least mine didn't. Don't want to be a spoiler but that double date has the worst ending!!!

gabbyfek said...

oh how i do love the g2.
i am coming
with hugs
and chocolate cake
love you, sweetness.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely evening.
with chocolate cake.
i'm jealous.

Nisa said...

"what my baby wants my baby gets."
(loff you. have good times.)

erika said...

great minds...
just rented that one for us ;)
love to you. xxe

Anonymous said...

little bit o cranberry cider and you will be all set!

Hope you have a great evening with your hun ;)

Anonymous said...

Ebb and Flow girl...
My fave saying!

Love the snuggy chocolate lovins...

I got a couple books I ordered in the mail today and one came with the monthly ezin-y type thing and IMMEDIATELY I thought of you G and our emails the other night. I so want to send it to you. It all out art-a-rama! Filled with they most amazing quotes and watercolors!

Email me, K! I want you to have this!

Lu said...