16 October 2006

it was such a monday

Ugh. My anxiety levels were through the roof today. All I wanted to do from the minute I crawled out of bed was crawl back in and sleep the day away, cocooned up in a safe place of warm blankets and cozy pillows. And rest for my body and brain. I don't know why some days are like that...they just are. Sick. I hate it...I'm discouraged with it, I'm frustrated by it. I don't understand it and I don't even really care to. Blah.

I pushed through the day, slowly but surely getting through. I saw Dr. M and she was fabulous as usual, going to check up on me soon. Hoping things start to work soon. I got home and crawled into bed. Neither my mind or body would let me really rest, but I think I got a small cat-nap in.

The boys came home and brightened my mood. Brought my energy levels up. I built Star Wars Lego with J until dinner. Tacos. Made by Dren. Yum. Then, more Star Wars tacos along with Project Runway. There were some good parts of this oh so Mondayish Monday. There were.
Gotta remember that.


Nisa said...

mayhaps there was something in the air...even down here... cuz I was so NOT about being awake and functioning yesterday. no ma'am. all about wanting to cocoon.
tacos does sound tasty, though.
I actually said so yesterday, too. I think maybe there was a Canadian front comin' in and I like lived your air yesterday. hmmm...

The Other Half said...

oh...i hope you're doing better...but at least you can laugh at my dirt tasting muffins and my irrational worries of dieing right?!?!? hey, that's what i'm here for babe. ;-)~

Anonymous said...

oh girl - mondays should be against the law ;)