19 October 2006

it's so dark

in the mornings...definitely fall...all foggy and chilly and misty and spooky. We're going to figure out Jaxon's Halloween costume this weekend. When I suggested making a bionicles costume for Jaxon, he thought perhaps we should see what they have at the store to buy. Hmph. Yee of little faith.

My oldest sister Rhi is turning 40 on Saturday. To celebrate her birth in the hippie-lovin 60s, there will be a bash like no other. She's been ordering peace necklaces, John Lennon glasses in all hues, elastic flower beaded children's necklaces to wear as headbands, tie-died bandanas, lava lamps, and beaded curtains off the internet for like 2 months. She's putting her children in a hotel with a babysitter. She's got drinks planned to last for years. It shall be fun, I'm sure.

I'm really excited. I signed up for ARTistry, happening here in beautiful BC in March. Three full days of classes taught by Donna D, Claudine Hellmuth, and the one and only AE. I can't wait. I've only taken one class before in my life, and this will be around 18 hours of them in 3 days. Plus, I get an extra day off work to go play with a bunch of like-minded people. Yeah baby.

OK gotta work. Mmmmmmwah!

Oh and PS. So the movie wasn't exactly what I was expecting. But I enjoyed it. And it fully solidified how much I love Vince Vaughan. And I loved just hangin on the couch with my babe and I didn't even fall asleep. Money.


Anonymous said...

That Artistry sounds COOL! And so you ;D

lol at J not to sure about your sewing skills - that is cute.

The Other Half said...

we had a cold front come in..it will be 80 here today

Anonymous said...

ooooh, ARTistry. I wanna come.
Burr it's cold here too.

Vee said...

<3 The Notebook
could watch it forever!