12 October 2006

almost back

Today, I am feeling a LOT more sane than I was. Today, I am feeling motivated and energetic and happy. I'm not totally back, because I do have a lot to share and yet don't quite have the time. One step at a time. But I have been surfing a little bit, getting inspired, and I have been busy getting stuff organized. I went through papers and artwork and purged. A LOT. Last night, my sister Aley helped me sort through two drawers of wasted space in my very useful vertical drawer thing that I'm hoping to actually put to good use soon. I'm learning to make small, attainable goals and take one day at a time. It will be a life-long process, I'm sure. I've also been doing a little bit of really fun scrapbooky stuff.

However, the REAL reason I'm compelled to post today is because my little boy is finally 5. He's been waiting (not entirely patiently) for this day for a long time. He's already enjoyed some birthday lovins in the way of lego that turns into 6 different vehicles, amazing amounts of dragons and dragon stuff, and a book about a cobra that has a model built right into it. from grandpa, granny, gramma Anne and auntie Aley. Glow in the dark bowling will commence Saturday at 11:30am. Lucky, beautiful, 5 year old boy. I love you.


sarah.b said...

Happy Birthday Jaxon!!!!
Gen- you totally have a future Abercrombie model on you hands, that or the Gap, he is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, J!!
Gen, glad you're feeling better.

Nisa said...

glad things are looking up and getting organized for you my lovely... I fight the same effin' battle, I swear.
and, um- could my "lil bit shy" be any cuter??? NO. hooray for 5!

Anonymous said...

Happy 5th Birthday Jaxon!

I hope you had a wonderful day filled with super cool presents and yummies!

Glad to see you back! What would I ever do with out your uber-cool boy lo's to emmulate?!?! And the mini's...Um, hello! You're my idol!

Hang in there girl. Ebb and flow ya know...Things will get better.

Much Love, girly!

Sharma said...

Glad your flow is coming back - nothing like being organised to make you fell more creative! Just had to respond because the 12 October is my sons birthday too! He is 7 this year...hope your boys day was great!