13 October 2006

free hugs

Fridays make me happy. They just do.

On this particular Friday, I have some sharing to do. Oh, and I've done a bunch of stuff with that 2906 album that I need to scan in.

First, Free Hugs. This video is totally warm and fuzzy. Guaranteed to make you smile. Check it out.

I'm in obsessive love with new rubber from Lasar StudioWERX. We're talking Polaroid Transfer Edges, Flourishoodled swirlies, and Evidence Sketches with lots of places to fill in the blanks, to be exact. They speak to me and make me want to make stuff. Those are the best kind of products, in my opinion. Once again, I find myself at work, thinking of new, freshly mounted rubber stamps strewn about my table and what I can make with them ASAP.

This page had been brewing in my head for a few days. Reflecting on my mini-break from cyber-land and thinking about how I was feeling. Remembering how therapeutic scrapping is for me, and trying to make sure I document everything I think is significant.

This page is for this week's Dare. To use wrapping paper on a page. Totally fun...and man...there is some kick-ass wrapping paper out there! So make sure if you ever get something wrapped in cool paper, save it. And use it on a page. Even a smidgen.

Tomorrow is Jaxon's birthday party. 12 krazykids running around in their white glowing t-shirts with bowling balls. The little ones. 5 pin I think it is? Yes, I'm obviously an expert bowler. Wow. That's a whole lotta children. Any suggestions about glow-in-the-dark-bowling photos? Right then.

I'm really excited about seeing G1 in November. She sent me her flight dates today and I can't wait to squeal and run up to her and give her a big huge i-love-you-and-i-know-your-life-has-sometimes-been-the-shits-over-the-last-little-while-but-here-we-are-and-i'm-glad-you're-my-friend kinda hugs. So you get ready for that missus G1! You and your bum!

And that layout was made entirely with the October kit at Memory Creators. Oh and of course with the addition of a teeny bit of Fontwerks georgeys because i love george. And staples. I love those too. And they didn't come in the kit.

And now, my friends, I think I have spent long enough away from actual work (as opposed to the pretend work I'm doing right now). So back to it.

Love and peace and happy weekend to all.


gabbyfek said...

love your pages
love your words
laughing at my hiney
and loving how you made such a sweet sweet page
out of a pic of my butt
love you.

Anonymous said...

hey, i know that tush!
so jealous that you get to see each other!!
hope the birthday party was a blast!

Missy said...

love your pages...
and you.
you are just talented beyond words ;)

Lu said...

beautiful pages.

Ruth Pannell said...

did you see that they have taken the free hugs video off? copyright infringement.... if you can remember and can indulge me, I would really like to know who that band were? I want that song back in my head badly!