01 August 2006

news & stuff

1. the dares. august contest. goooood times.

2. a new kit club dt gig. sadly, leaving memories is closing. it was where i was first ever introduced to the whole online community thing and how amazing it can be. i will now be working with the monthly kits at memory creators! this is a FINE and FUN bunch of ladies. i'm SO happy to be joining them and can't wait to get my hands on the first kit!

3. i am currently fascinated/obsessed with mini books. i have been for a while, but i've only up til this point been sort of well, collecting the ones you can buy blank and decorate yourself. i just haven't done anything to them yet. well! on the weekend, i MADE one. it was super duper fun. the cover is done, and i stuck some paper on one other page inside, and now I'M stuck. but it's really cute and i love it. i just have to figure out what it's for. and i started another one (obsessed means i'm going to do this repeatedly, afterall) for a project coming up @ MC (see "memory creators" above) and i can't WAIT til it's done and i can share it.

4. i am also currently fascinated/obsessed with transparencies. like the office supply store kind. see #3 above for a hint about where you might start to see some of this transparency obsession surface in my scrapping.

5. i love white space. white space on a scrapbook layout (not mine - ha! - but other peoples') .totally catches my eye these days.

6. wondering "what's next?" for the scrapbooking/papercrafting/rubberstamping/mixedmedia/altering world. what will the next trends be? thinking i need to do a little fashion and home decor research (europe, anyone?) to see if i can see into the future a tad.

7. i need to get some stuff done, so i'm going to go do it now.

8. bye!


caroline said...

white space RULES

Missy said...

I am so tickled for you :)
i wanna see the scrappies!!

Lu said...

you are such a funny lady!! Your stuff made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

white space is great when you can pull it off, sadly, that is not me. great post

Anonymous said...

i am SO with you on #3,4&5. The mini books are so do-able and i love that.

(btw, loved your take on this week's dare : )

Jamie said...

right there with you on all of that. white space, tranparencies, and mini book all rock. for sure.

i want to know what's next too. bad.

ArtsyMama said...

I love mini books, too. I'm up for a trip to Europe with ya to check out the latest trends!!!:) hehe.
Can't wait for the Dares contest. So we post in the PeaNut Gallery, right?

Anonymous said...

ooooo. . . . !!!
can't wait to see your projects!

Anonymous said...

mini books ROCK, my friend!
but you already knew that about me!
can't wait to see yours!
i, too, am loving transparencies (you should see the ones I used in a recent mini book!) and white space!


Alison said...

And can't wait to see.
I've been transparencying it up lately.
Maybe i copied your vibes.
A thought

Mara said...

congrats on new dt gig.
i wanna use transparencies... teach me the ways :) here's an idea... i am just going to come over a scrap with you.
ya, kind of far.

Amber said...

i always love me some transparancies. so fun.

Anonymous said...

1. Youare so cute with the numbering.
2. That is so cool that you are going to be doing some new DT stuff.
3. Thanks for stop at my blog, you rock!
4.I too am LOVIn' the whole transparencies thing.
5. Did I mention how cute, the whole numbering thing is, love it.hehe!

Michelle W. said...

transparency is coolness... <3!