05 August 2006


anyone get migraines?
i think that's what happened.
if so, i've NEVER had a migraine like that.
this headache got worse and worse...
went to bed, up in the night sick to my stomach.
mixture of waking and sleeping and puking from 10:00pm last night until 1:00pm today.
i think i'm on the mend now.
i've been wanting to scrap all week, but can't seem to get enough sleep.
maybe i just had a bug?
dren of course has been wonderful
totally ON parenting (ie: i have had to do NOTHING)
went to see about special migraine pills from pharmacy
fed me toast & water & pills
brought my cell phone the bedroom so i could call if i needed anything
(he was in the living room and didn't want me to have to yell)
brought me a face-cloth to the bathroom
helped me up
tucked me in
loves me always.
such a good guy. i'm very very lucky, i know.
my plans for the rest of today:
1. take a shower
2. drink tons of water
3. clean/organize scrap stuff
4. scrap
totally layin' low. love weekends.
and it's a three day one!
here's to hoping the rest of it is sick-free.


Michelle W. said...

sorry babe! but being a heavy coffee drinker I've never get them ever. My doctor friend say coffee usually helps with it! Maybe you can try that?


Tammy said...

Sory you have been sick G! That sucks...

Migraines- I've had 2 and they are miserable. They can make you sick. Light seems to make them worse. My only cure was bed, a wash cloth over my eyes and silence and darkness.

My Mom gets them a lot. She has to take prescription meds for them.
Michelle may be right on about the caffiene in coffee helping. I drink loads of caffiene so maybe that keeps them away.

Dren rocks! Tell him I said he is one cool man. I love good guys. I have one too.

I've been on a mini album kick for a couple of months now. I love them because they are quick, fun, and too damn cute sitting in a reed basket on my coffee table in the living room and EVERYONE who comes here looks at them.

I have never used a transparency before (SO embarassed, but what can I say) but I did buy a box of 100 transparency sheets from Staples to play with and doodle on with my sharpies.

Hope you got some scrap on and are feeling loads better.

Miss chatting at ya!


JB said...

I've had them, varying degrees all my life. Sometimes the slightest noise or light is too much. Usually I have little white lights flash in front of my eyes. And my neck hurts. When I've had them bad enough to make me nauseous, if I do vomit, I feel better after. I've learned to take Excedrine Migraine at the moment I feel one coming. It's the best stuff! They are NO fun, but just take it easy!

Anonymous said...

girl, I hope you feel better

Missy said...

oh I am so glad you feel better.
but you know this.
now go get your scrap on!!

Anonymous said...

down with sinus myself... feel ya pain! dren is amazing. full stop.

Valerie said...

Migraines totally suck!! I get them..and the bad ones too!! Glad your feeling better, now you can get your scrap on!! YAY!! Hoping to do some scrapping this long weekend!!Have fun!!

Jen said...

Poor Gen.
BUt so glad Dren is taking such good care of you.

caroline said...

hope you feel better!!!

Alison said...

Oh sweetpea.
That sounds like a migraine.
I'm bursting with migraine info but i won't bore you in your comments.
Here's the short version:
Advil is your friend
Migraine triggers are not.
Email if you want. I am queen o headache.
Glad you feel better.
Hope you can scrappity but sometimes the aura lasts a while.
If it does, cold drinks, DVDs, and gorgeous sweet sweet man.

RACHEL =) said...

Dude, just found your blog, yay!
So... I had a horrible headache yesterday... a really bad one... maybe it's this weather?! Hope you feel better soon!! =)

Jamie said...

I'm a migraine person Gen, and I know how bad it sucks.
I get the knid that come with Aura's, basically it messes with your vision really bad. I'm not sure how to explain it except I imagine that's what being on drugs feels like.
Plus I get that puking and stuff too. Smell drives me absolutely insane.
Hugs girl, I completely understand how you're feeling.
Rough stuff.
Hope you're feeling better hun.

Mara said...

poor g.
i hope that you're feeling better!!

Sarah said...

poor baby!! Hope you get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Migraines are the worst, I get them once a month but I had 3 in June and 2 in July. The best thing is a cool, dark & quiet place and ride it out. I am a coffee junkie, but my doctor has told me to cut it out or at least down, because it is a huge trigger...... Hope you feel better

Anonymous said...

why do girls get more headaches and migraines??
hope you feel better soon

Anonymous said...

Sounds migrainish (is that a word?) to me. I take a prescription of Midrin for mine. But I also like Excedrin Mirgraine or imitrix. Darkness helps, wet cloths and lying down. I get the migraine "hangover" the whole next day. :( Then i'm good again.

I hope you feel better.

ck said...

Today I got a doozy of a migraine! I have had them off and on and usually they are bearable--not comfortable, but bearable. Today I got one that came on so quickly and suddenly I (hypochondriac that I am) almost went to the hospital. But common sense took hold and I took my Imitrix and went to bed, that didn't help, if anything I woke up feeling worse! Took a Firocet and that dulled it some but I am definately walking wounded! I can sooo relate!

Heather M. said...

Hope it's okay if I post here - I've been lurking for a long time! I've had a few migraines and I know they are migraines because I get SO sick - puking so bad. And I get sensitive to light and sound. Usually once I sleep for a good long time, they are gone when I wake up.
They totally suck. I hope you are feeling better soon!

e said...

migraines suck!
Jared gets them actually.
Email me if you need ideas...
there are some strange triggers...
apple juice?!?
but jared hasn't had one...
knock on wood...
for over a year :)

thank goodness for awesome husbands...