26 March 2006

so the weekend is over

but it was such a good one, that i will celebrate the fun rather than mourn its end.
i just pray the mojo keeps on flowin...cuz man did it flow the past few days.

scrapped like a maniac.
did laundry.
time with the boys.
time with friends.
phone calls.
time with mum.
conversations with dad.
played outside.
took photos.
did co-op stuff.
printed photos.
scrapped some more.

To be honest, I was not thrilled with the papers that came in this month's kit at LM. No offense Kathy!!!! Seriously...they're just not ME. I have a hard time working with crazy amounts of bright colours as it is...and they weren't speaking to me. However, the kits that this girl puts together are just awesome. They MAKE me creative. Rather than be discouraged, I chose to take this on as a challenge - printed out some borrowed photos and photos of friends' kids and flowers. GIRLY stuff for this girly kit. I finished my first page, and while it was difficult, and took a long time, I was really happy with it. Then I just kept going. And every page that I finished, I loved. I experimented, played, and had so much fun! I mean...snaps!? Wow...way cool. Love how those ended up looking on a page. Although at first I wasn't feeling enthused, I ended up making 6 pages this weekend...and that's a LOT for me...1 a day at the most is more my speed. Awesome stuff.

I also had the pleasure of receiving some AWESOME digi stuff from the righteous tia . Check out the frames that I played with today! I printed them out on transparencies and used them on my paper layouts. SO much fun. The girl is so talented. She's got her goods on designer digitals and is churning the wicked fun out like it's goin outta style (which, by the way, it's NOT).

and just one more thing.
i love scrapbooking.
or, in the words of the fabulous ae,
i love being a life artist.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I love all of your pages and think that they are awesome! I wish I could get paper I hated and scrap like that?

Anonymous said...

yaaay Gen for good scrappin' weekends! Love your LO's (you already know that, LOL)- that one with Tia's frame is killing me- the whole thing is so awesome.

Glad it was a good weekend!

sarah said...

Gen, I LOVE what you did with that kit!


Valerie said...

WOW those are fabulous pages!! Love when the creative juices start to flow...very awesome!!

Just Me said...

right on...gorgeous stuff girl

gabbyfek said...

you are a brilliant creative goddess....
oh yes you are.
i am drooling over your pages.

April said...

thats all i can say.
you are so incredibly talented, mrs. gen.
love them all.
and you.


Anonymous said...

wow - you go girl! churning out the goods. how fun...lend me some mojo wouldya?

Anonymous said...

i'm sitting here sewing a big G on the front of my cheerleader uniform...
could you see me in a cheerleader uniform?
white legs (which are in desperate need of shaving) and all?
but i'm still your biggest fan!
and i LOVE these lo's!
love YOU!

Missy said...

oh my goodness!!
That first one is MY FAVORITE!
LOVE the big ass paisleys!!
And I'm POSITIVE you can make ANY paper WORK!!

island jen said...

gawd gen....your scrappy skills make me swoon! i love every one of these!!

Mara said...

seriously?!!? i LOVE your los.
i love the frameage.
and the pps.
you just pretty much rock.
ok, not pretty much.
you do.
you rock.
XO :)

Michelle W. said...

Awesomeness = Gen