23 March 2006

hopeful friday

today's dare is brought to you by the wonderful ranjini @ scrapologie. i've had the pleasure of knowing ranjini for my whole scrapping life - just over one year now. she has an amazing heart and beautiful personality. she is building a business on her own in an effort to be able to stay home and not return to the 9-5 work force. you go girl! thank you so much for sponsoring us this month, r. you put together a pretty awesome product :)

as for this week's dare theme...hope.
the four of us decided over a week ago to dedicate this dare to two amazing people many of us know. they suffered a great loss...two great losses, in fact, in a very short period of time. despite adversity, these two women persevere, giving and sharing and continuing on. able to see the silver lining. i especially appreciate having a friend when i was having a hard time...even when she was suffering so much.

we love you. thank you for your strength of spirit and infectious goodness.

oh and also some shopping because i promised missy i would have a photo for her in the morning...

patterened paper (lots of dots!)
heidi swapp (did i mention 50% off???)
paper salon monogram builder stamps
technique tuesdays functuation and lil alphas
puffy paint stuff
a new pen
glue lines
sei iron-ons
super cute making memories itty bitty alpha stickers.
new product inspires me so.
i go through stages...
sometimes it's photos...
sometimes a quote.
but lately, the new goodies are making me feel like creating.


Michelle W. said...

love the dare! As always.

Amazing layout!


Missy said...

HOOORAYYY!!! hooray for pics of shopping... OMG THAT HS stuff is EXPLODING- MULTIPLYING even :)

And hooray for good friends who need good friends. Love those girls.

And you :)

gabbyfek said...

so, first of all, i adore you, geeeeetoooooooo. you know this, right? and your words. and your WORK and every little single thing you create....
so touches my heart. you get me. and i love that about you.

but those goodies?
yeah. i'm coming to see you, baby, cuz i wanna play w/ 'em...
love you so.

erika said...

awww...gen....what a lovely thing to wake up to...
love from some of my favorite people...thank you. xxe

Klala said...

Love it.

And wtf w/ all this scrap shopping?? I am so damn jealous!!

Mara said...

new goodies...
love the dare.
love your page.
love those girls.
50% off?! not fair.

Anonymous said...

your whole scrapping life of ONE FREAKING YEAR!
you're just bursting with talent, you know that!?!?!
i need to run up w/ my bucket and catch some overflow.
i love this dare and i love that you guys thought of gabby and erika.
you guys are the best!

Renee said...

Love the page. love the challenge.

And you know I love all the shopping!!

Caroline said...

i can't wait to see what you create!!

Jodi said...

Great layout- and look at all your new stuff! Have fun!