12 December 2005


Had a great, busy, productive AND relaxing weekend! I'm sure tomorrow when I'm sitting at work I will feel like it went by too fast, but hey...I'm reveling in it right now. And speaking of right now, it's late. 12:40am and I MUST get to bed if I don't want to be totally grumpy at work all day tomorrow.

Did another page of my xmas journal. I fully admit that I'm stretching the truth by putting the date of December 2, 2005 on this page, since I created it today...but I really want to have the date and order of this thing by when we receive the assignments. Of course my ultimate hope is that one of these days VERY soon I will be caught up, but, well...knowing me...who knows. And I ain't losing any sleep over it either.

Then, I did this cute lil project for the LM DT (featuring "Designing with Gen" this month - yay!). I used supplies from the December kit and an AC ribbon spool (empty of course!).

Some other stuff too (I know!!!) but I gotta sleep. Now.

OH. PS. While I don't have a cool banner and while I lost all my links already in my last template change ('doh!) I figure I'll play around a bit and have some fun with template changes. Because I figure - it's grey, it's December, and I'm all about colour right now. Change. Love it in the winter. Need to get my hair cut and dyed...I ALWAYS do this in December. I have to get my links back though. OK. Long PS. Goodnight!


gabbyfek said...

designing with gen.
i LOVE it.
yes, yes, i do....

April said...

YOU are amazing.
i want to cut off your hand and steal your handwriting.
not really, cause that would be GROSS.
but you get my drift.
i am jealous.
of you and your mad scrappy skills.


erika said...

i so love this christmas journal...i'm doing that next year ;) yep, i am....it's so ridiculously cool....love your page. and your ornament...
and you....xe

Ashley said...

oh you creative liar...
i freaking LOVE that ribbon spool.
you are my hero.
and THREE entries.
im so jealous.
so jealous i might be inspired.


Anonymous said...

i love that you did a snowflake entry!
you're crazy creative!!!!!!
you know i love you!
and how that mind of yours works...

Anonymous said...

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