24 December 2005


it is all about family these days. friends and family. the ones we love.
surround yourself with them, appreciate them, love them back.

i realized today that christmas may have become a bit tainted in our family...and this makes me so so sad. last year things were rough...even though we didn't know why at the time. i would love to be able to turn back the clock sometimes, where things were easier. but i'm going to do my best to remember that things happen for a reason...that trials and tribulations contribute to our lives and our souls and serve to make us better people and/or teach us lessons. i will surround myself with as much love and support as i can. i will take time to do things i enjoy. i will make sure that my son has a great christmas and that he knows he is loved by mum and dad...always no matter what.


Kathy said...

Gen my dear I wish I lived closer so I could give you a big ol hug and Christmas smooch ;) I am so glad that you have joined my world and I think of you like family!

I hope that you enjoy every second of the holiday, and do what you enjoy :) Go hug those men and then let them you have got to go scrap, dang it!!

April said...

you are the cutest.
everyone should aim to do these things during the season.

love you chicky...and merry xmas!


Jen said...

Yes. and Yes. How right you are. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.
Love, J

erika said...

you are so right my dear.
hope your christmas was wondeful ;)

erika said...

that should say wondeRful ;)

Robyn said...

Hey Gen! Poppin' in to catch up on your bloga bloga and say Happy HOlidays! Love your exciting Fontwerks news- Kah-mei's lucky to have ya- you totally rock!

Hope your day was a happy Xmas one! hugs -R

gabbyfek said...

hope you had such a wonderful holiday, my sweet g.....
happier and sweeter.
b/c you are so loved.
and you love your son and husband so very much....

Anonymous said...

i love your deep thoughts!!!!
how is it that you're so young yet so wise?
i love that about you gen,
you have an old soul!
love you sweetie!!!!

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