01 September 2005

she got me (hit me baby, one more time)

Thanks Amber Poopy Tagger-Face.

Here goes. 5 RANDOMS.

1. A couple of weeks ago I broke a personal record for the greatest number of jeans I could put on at one time. My new record: 6 pair. Previous record: 1 pair. Yes. Red wine was involved.

2. My belly button is pierced and has a big fancy jewel in it. Hardly anyone gets to see it anymore. My tummy used to be really flat.

3. I want to take pole dancing lessons. Not to become a stripper, but because it looks like it would be a total riot, and what the hell, you get exercise at the same time (OK...exercise? Rethinking this as I type). My friend has the Carmen Electra DVD thing. Recently, I noticed we have a new fitness place : The First Pole Dancing class for Fitness Studio in Canada, they advertise. "Meet Your Sexy Side". Things are definitely looking up. Oh yes.

4. My favourite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. Sometimes I'm salt, sometimes I'm sweet.

5. I'm addicted to Sweet Pea body cream from Bath and BodyWorks. The only issue this really poses in my life is that the store doesn't exist in Canada. Meaning travelling over the border for lotion. Seems a bit excessive. But it smells so good!

And because it's all about me today, I will leave you with this:

And because I've been forced into this game, I will tag...

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    Amber said...

    pole dancing is perfecto. i will join you. we will be pole dancing freaks. it shall be good times, i have no doubt.
    i never pierced my dear belly. but i did pierce my dear tongue. it hurt like hell, i had it for 5 years, then i was like...why? so...i took it out. my bf at the time was pissed. lmao
    half baked huh? never had. will try. i don't like a lot of stuff in my ice cream..simple.
    sweet pea!!! that is my effing fave. i knew i liked you....
    and you are so supa fly in your effer dare ways. this is amazing gen. i heart you.

    christina said...

    nothing wrong with a little pole dancing i say...that would actually be really fun! and how cool you have a big jewel in your belly button? and of course that layout is just WAY too fabulous for words! :)

    Anonymous said...

    just LOVE that LO so much gen!!!! come down to albuquerque and go get another tattoo with me!!! i'll treat you to some yummy mexican food while we're here with AWESOME sangria (w00-hooo!). belly button jewel, too cool! can u believe i had mine pierced twice b/c i ripped the first one out??? ahh, college days!

    Robyn said...

    love your LO, lovin' your artsy doodles too!