27 August 2005

picture of a sick kid?

OK. We're currently on puke #4. Sometimes being a parent means dealing with gross stuff. My poor lil man is sick. BUT you couldn't tell it from looking at him. Kids are so resiliant! I was convinced last night that he was all better as his mood was mighty fine. Same thing today. He still wants to have pillow fights. He still wants to jump off the couch. He still wants to play and watch movies and hang with dad. Does he want to sleep and rest and crawl into bed and chill like I would if I had the stomach flu (or whatever equally disgusting bug is currently making its way through his body)? No. We'll be hangin indoors, at least for today, with our "sick" kid.


Jodi said...

Cute pics... I agree, he doesn't look sick!

Robyn said...

LOL, hope he gets all well soon & mommy can get a break too. Adorable pics!

heidi said...

even when sick he is a cutie!