08 September 2005

what a slacker!!!

In blogland anyway. I miss it, but I've also been actually busy doing actual stuff...you know, accomplishing things. That feels mighty fine. Experimenting with art and getting crazy with photoswaps. Much fun to be had by all.

My darling sister (one of) is asking me what I want for my birthday. Um. World peace? Resolution and safety and fixed lives for those suffering in the Southern US? A healthy child. For D to find a job. To be able to do what I dream about. To have enough time to stay in touch with wonderful friends and precious family. All these things that no one can give me. Today is not a day I'll be able to answer her.

The never-ending strive to not be a procrastinator...or at least not with things that make others feel good....this will be my goal for now. Cross things off the list. Give gifts of mail-love and art-love/scrap-love. Remember the word that was supposed to be the word of the day on my blog (it's been a loooong time since I've updated daily) last week...NURTURE. Nurture what's important in life...it will come back to you tenfold.

Happy Thursday...only one more workday after today and then it's the weekend. The fabulous weekend.

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Klala said...

There has been a serious lack of NURTURE time in my life lately. Projects, ideas...just stuff builing and building. I need to focus more on the time I do have, and spening it wisely. Amen sista friend...from one procastinator to another.