26 September 2005


Mondays? Blech.
My birthday on a Monday? Slight cause for celebration.

Although I only have but a minute, I must update what has been a slightly depressing blog.
Because. I am. In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM depressed. Not one bit.
Even work is OK today. Because whatever. It's my birthday!!!!

Check this...adding to my 4th day of celebration...and the real day...

  • birthday LOVE

  • I am so feeling the love. You bet your bottom dollar.
    Friend rule. They make my world brighter and funner.
    I feel special.
    I've already been in tears.

    Over and out for now. Pix for sure later. Oh yeah.


    Robyn said...

    popped over to that link to check it out- that box/case is awesome!!!! Hope you had a great day!

    Renee said...

    Aww...Gen you're awesome, and you totally deserve it! So glad you had a great day, and a fun birthday. See you soon! :)

    Ashley said...

    simply put:

    you are a loved and talented bitch.

    Caroline said...

    happy birthday!

    Klala said...

    We love you!! So glad you love your tags and hope you had a rockin bday!!