09 November 2007

right now

Doing: Working

Listening to: Van Morrison Moondance (just finished "Crazy Love"). Such feel-good, happy, soulful, chair-dancy, singable, make-work-more-enjoyable kind of music. If the boys weren't in the same room, I would probably be belting it out like I was on American (ahem, Canadian) Idol. I'm sure at some point this afternoon I'll forget all about them and get into the tunes enough to hum a few bars...sigh. I love Van.

Wearing: red softball shirt, my grey sweats, a black bandana, bare feet, and headphones. No bra. Yeah, that's right.

Thinking about: Working at home...trying to establish a routine. Loving it and hating it all at the same time. But probably loving it a little bit more.

Enjoying: Jaxon and Carmichael playing video games quietly, having asked to be picked up from daycare early (school's out at noon on Fridays). They're respecting the fact that I have a lot left of my workday.

Grateful for: Dren's short term disability benefits being approved and for direct deposit.

1 comment:

sarah said...

sounds like a happy day...
and dude, if I could get away without wearing a bra to work I totally would! LOL! Unfortunately I don't work at home!