10 November 2007

I helped Jaxon clean his disaster of a room today. Actually, I mostly did the closet purge and cleaning, and encouraged him to "keep going...if you don't keep cleaning, I won't be able to keep helping you". "oh, right!" he would say. "and I won't get any money either!" We are contemplating the best way to move into "allowance territory". I've talked to mum about it, and she remembers starting us off with a very small base amount that we got no matter what, and used that amount to try to teach us about money. You get $1 (or whatever the amount was...I can't remember!) and you have to save 10% in the bank. 20% was recommended, but that 10% was a must. God...I wish I stuck with that plan my whole life. Anyway, I do want to start teaching J the value of money, but I also want to tie a portion of the allowance to helping out...keeping his room clean, helping tidy, etc. This whole experience with Dren's injury and being off work (almost a month now) is kind of making me feel like I have two sons!

I also pulled out my camera for the first time since D got home from the hospital (the second hospital visit, third in two weeks) when I took photos of his 27 staples. It was fun. Jax was only really in the mood to goof around, but we had fun and laughed and I captured the memory and that's what's important.

Back to work.

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