11 April 2007


I love them. I love to see details.

Dare 64 is alive.
Naughty Girls Need Yoga Too.
(and stamps, according to the radical Asta Arts)

Took these lil birdies and used watercolour pencil crayons on them. SO fun.


Eminepala said...

This is awesome gen ;) I love it

Jen said...

I got your paper today at the new RubyDog's! I am freaking out and wanted to tell everyone how awesome it is- and Peas is down! So I thought I would come and fill your comment section with exclamation marks. LOL. Can't believe I saw Hambly in person. Totally blown away by the work you guys did setting the store up. Lee Anne told me you said she needed to be more open minded and she was shocked- a SCRAPBOOKER telling an ALTERED BOOK ARTIST to open her mind?! Unheard of! Uh, if this sounds stalker-ish, it's actually b/c she was telling me about your paper and I was like, 'I know who she is. I love the Dares.' Anyway, so excited, spreading the love. Way to go.
Jen (aka BCJennyP)

stephaniehowell said...

love it.
absolute perfection.
and it looks like it felt good to make it.

Nura Keif said...

Awesome!! Love it!!:-D

Michelle said...

This is soooo cool, and I am in love with your dare page. =) So awesome!