27 April 2007

happy birthday mum

this week's dareage:

(I remember where I was when...) The little booklet held by the square brad is where I journalled about snippets that I remembered. They are so random...it's funny how one's memory works. My mama (happy birthday mama!) likened it to a slide show that fell on the floor. Bits and pieces and all mixed up. Anyway, it was cool to do, so do it.

Then a couple from the April Scrapologie kit, which is amaaazing. Loved it with all my heart. Couldn't stop making stuff all last weekend. I posted the rest, including the whole minibook HERE.

Now I command everyone to go away and have a GREAT WEEKEND!

OH! and the knob packaging from my last post held...a knob. You'll see it on an upcoming project ;)


Eminepala said...

Awesome layout and project gen... I love it ;)

Alissa said...

love the dare!
love love the scrapologie stuff!
love love love the arrow mini!
much cooler than the one i made last eeked and the crop! :)


Candice P.J. said...

The card is AMAZING! So creative, and LOVE the colors!