08 February 2007

fake smiles and photo with flash (ick)

here's the boy just after makin his pix! (you can totally tell how thrilled he was, right?) He said "pick what?" "for who?" and "for what?" before I said, "ok, now I have to take a picture of you" and he said "oh. yeah. i've done this before". thrilled i tell you. I'm writing with an interesting mix of capitalization and not. Oh! But you probably want to know WHO he picked right?

drumroll please! oh the drama......

yay! i LOVE giving stuff away. Too bad I'm not independently wealthy so I could give stuff away all the time every day all day. And thank you all so much for your feedback and for leaving a comment. I wish I could have given 50 sets of paper away!! But I think Chris might have not been completely supportive of that idea. Hee!

So thank you all for sharing in the joy of this whole experience with me, and please email me (genevieves@shaw.ca) with your addresses, Liza, Anke, Sarah, Jill & Laura!



Alison said...

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute pic.
Congrats dudes!

sarah said...

WOW! Thanks Gen!
I never win anything!
thank you thank you thank you!
I'm SO excited!!!
I hope I can do your papers justice!

way cute pic of J...
love those curls of his!


~*AMY*~ said...

congrats to everyone
i totally missed this giveaway
your paper is totally rockin'
can't wait to get me some

Lala said...

He is sooo stinkin' cute!!!

jill s said...

SO stinkin' excited!:)