09 February 2007


Feeling busy, disorganized, like I have no time...but come 11:30pm last night I remembered I had a dare page to do. DOH! Yeah.........let's just say thank goodness for bomb ass hambly patterned paper and gorgeous overlays. Makes even simplesimple fun and fabulous.

This weekend will (hopefully be all about catching up on stuff. Including email. Which reminds me, if you winners haven't already emailed me about the paper, please do!

Oh! And my sister is turning 35 on Valentine's Day next week so we're having a bash for her on Saturday. NOTE TO SELF: do not forget camera!!!!!!!


Caroline said...

that dare is COOL.

Ruth Pannell said...

I love your new LO. My LO's take too long... need to start finding ways to speed the process... I finally made a page in about an hour the other day... usually it can take all afternoon, too long. Love your handwriting by the way (that's coming from a handwriting analyst!). Like your new style blog as well.

Kelly S. said...

love how you used the graph paper

Congrats to the girls who won, Maybe you could post there pages here and start a Gen's paper gallery! that would be fun! Could you let us know (again?) where we can buy it online.

hope you enjoy your weekend!

Lala said...

love this page... very cool!


~*AMY*~ said...

Girl I think you could do a lo with your eyes closed and have it look super-uber fab!