13 January 2007


ahhhh. sleeping in. i used to love sleeping in, pre-child. the sleepover worked out quite well, and we had a great dinner out. and i didn't take my camera. go figure. i'm so out of the habit of taking my camera everywhere right now. it's freezing out, and there is no light. i miss having the inspiration of new photos, though, so i've got to start remembering!

jaxon did wake up about 3am and rhi said they had a conversation for about an hour. in ella's bed. huh. whatever floats your boat.

rhi cut my bangs on thursday. uhm. at first we thought it was a big disaster. now i think it might be ok. i've washed my hair and they actually looked kinda cute yesterday and are still ok today. i think it just might have been in shock at first. my hair, that is. we'll see if it continues to be moody or cooperative.

alright. scrappy time.


Anonymous said...

Remember summer?
When you could take awesome pictures all the time with zero planning?
That was awesome.
Yeah. Winter's not good that way.
Glad you had good adult time.

Anonymous said...

hey 1st pic needs to be of your new bangs!
love the layout below!

Anonymous said...

so where is the new bangs pic??

Sounds like you had a good weekend, awesome :D {{{hugs}}}

dAWN said...

yeah... wher's the pic?!