10 January 2007

Guess what I dug out yesterday? This old typewriter.
And it made me joyful.
And wanting to create stuff.
So I did.

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In other news, it snowed today. Love it.
I'm feeling crazy creative lately. Love that too.


Anonymous said...

that looks fabulous

Nisa said...

so jealous of the typewriter...
HEY! wait... I think my mom has an old one at her house... may go do a lil rummaging!
LOVE yoooo....

Anonymous said...

oh! that typewriter looks fun!

yay for snow...everything looked so beautiful and clean when I woke up this morning!
we got 2-3" - big time for us down here in the "valley".

gabbyfek said...

nuh uh
i need that
why did we not play w/ that when i was there?!?!
guess i have to come back
so jax can throw things at me in person.

RobynL said...

hi miss gen! Happy New Year( a little late)

luva your papers- must have them! When and where can I get them?

hugs- R

Anonymous said...

i wish i knew where my typewriter was
i've been wanting to use it for scrapping forever, but i have NO idea where it is!

ArtsyMama said...

Love the typewriter. Can't wait to see what you create with your crazy mad creative binge!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the keys...totally drooling.