20 September 2006

wish us luck (it's all about the penis)

Today is the day Jaxon will be having surgery. Circumcision to be exact. TMI? Yeah well...let's get the party started!

Circumcision is no longer a regularly practiced procedure when boys are born here. Whoever back when decided it's really not necessary and usually when people choose it, it's now for religious or personal reasons. So, you have to pay to have it done. My concern when I was pregnant was that I didn't want (my possible son) to feel different, look different, etc. etc. The doctor was like "well...most of his peers won't be, so he'll fit in just fine". She was quite blase about the whole thing and I felt like this really wasn't a big deal. And I'm sure for lots of little boys it's not.

I guess J didn't play with his enough or who knows what to make the skin fall back on its own, naturally. I don't have a penis (really!!??) so I have no clue what's supposed to happen. We have all girls in our family, even the rest of the kids, so we really didn't know what to do with a boy at all! Along the way we've learned funny and super helpful tips like "make sure when you're putting the diaper on you face the penis down and don't let it lie upwards". Why? So the pee doesn't travel up along the onesie all the way to his neck. Yes. Thanks.

We've tried for over a year now to help Jaxon get that darn skin back with this medicated lotion to stretch the skin and it's been a long road. There's been an infection, there's been pain, and we're done. The pediatric urologist recommended at his last visit that we operate.

I have mixed feelings about it, but when I heard a story of a friend's 13 year old relative needing circumcision, I realized I really don't want any of us to be dealing with this over the course of his life. It will hopefully be not too traumatic, and will take care of the problems once and for all. Of course, surgery comes with side effects and it's hard to know that my little baby boy will be put to sleep and cut and completely in someone (several someones, in fact) else's care for at least an hour...complete strangers. It will all be fine, I know. But I'd totally appreciate some kind thoughts of us, praying...whatever it is that you do. Thanks much...I'll update later. Mwah!


sarah said...

It sounds like this is a good thing for him...
and better to do it now when he's younger and might not remember it much.
I'll be thinking good thoughts today for both J and YOU today! :(

Jewels said...

Oh Dear! I don't know whether to laugh or what! At least you're keeping a good sense of humor during all of this! :oD

Of course, we had our son circumcised when he was first born. For babies, of course they don't do general anesthesia although I insisted he have local anesthesia. (something that's NOT standard practice! Take note, Mom's to be! I had to argue w/ my doc for it!)

I wish I could offer some good advice, but as he was so young, and he seemed to be completely healed within a few days, I'm not sure how different that would be for an older child. I'm sure the long term benefits must be worth it, though.

Just Me said...

good luck with that...i don't have any boys..but my cousin has three...so i've heard stories

Séverine said...

Good luck.
I Have two boys.... I can so imagine what you are feeling.

I send some good wibes for J and you!


Jamie said...

Here's wishing J-dawg the best of luck!!!
He'll be fine G, no worries girl. :)

Missy said...

I'm thinking about you guys.

ArtsyMama said...

Hope all goes well. Thinking of your little guy and his...well...umm...little guy:)

e said...

oooh boy.
poor mister jaxon.
he'll be fine....this i know.
but sending big hugs to you all anyway ;) xxxe

Stephanie said...

I will be thinking about you guys! Neither of my boys are circumsized and I regret it now. Best of luck!