21 September 2006

quick update

It went really well! He's recovering well, "thwollen up penith" and all. He has SUCH a good attitude and did pretty much from the time he woke up in the morning until he fell asleep at night. He's on tylenol w/ codeine and it's pretty obvious when that starts to wear off. In and out of pain, in and out of energy, but mostly coping just like the little hulk he is. Love him.

Yesterday, he settled nicely into the role of being waited on hand and foot, after a few attempts to go out and play with friends or have some over. Yeah. So he had me hoppin! In between catering to his every need, talking to him, trying to put together some decent meals and cleaning up after BOYS, I'm getting into work for a few hours. Mum's helping out with childcare. Love her.

This week's dare is super fun! Totally awesome guest. Make sure to check it out.

I used the wicked patterned paper and tag from Lazar Studiowerx, labels from the office supply store, heidi stars, magic mesh, and georgy stamps from Fontwerks. This page was quick to put together...I love when a page just falls out of me like that.

I think I'm gonna scrap and watch Star Wars w/ J!

Yeah...okay nix that. The doorbell just rang and I'm gonna let J play his Star Wars video game for a little while with friends. We'll see how it goes. He's already told them his "weinie is all thwolled up". Fabulous.


Anonymous said...

good morning Gen... just checking out links and stuff (I just added you - hope that's OK?) Your boy is looking adorable here

Jamie said...

Glad he's doing awesome Gen, that makes us all happy. :)
You're being such a good mom to the "thwollen penith boy." ;)
Love that, you funny. :)

sarah said...

"thwollen up penith" . . . too funny!
so happy to hear he's doing so well!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the watercolor layout, that is watercolors right? Very Cool!!
"penith" is adorable!!

Séverine said...

Glad he's doing well! ;-)

This Lo is just perfect and this pic... oh this pic... Love it!



Anonymous said...

wow...glad he's doing well. i can't imagine. man oh man.

oh and i also tagged you. :) You can read about it here...

Anonymous said...

glad to hear your little man is well.
enjoy your weekend

Kelly S. said...

glad to hear your little man is well.
enjoy your weekend.

Mara said...

i am glad that j is doing well.
xo sweets.

~Jamie said...

I am so glad he is better! haha someday he is going to kill you for blogging this!