10 May 2006

miles davis, SWH & feeling more human

wow what a good night's sleep will do for a girl.
i feel like a human being.
jaxon seemed like a human being this morning.
got him off to preschool and everything.
left the teacher with meds instructions...
and ones about keeping him calm & settled.

i'm listening to miles right now...
"kind of blue"
this is one of my all-time fave albums.
very grounding for me.

still on the damn safari...
thanks for the firefox tips girls...
gonna import my 'marks later and give it a shot.

of COURSE it stands for the one and only.
(thanks k)
and thanks also for the reminder.
do you know i don't own ANY of her books?
must order.
feeling an amazon spree coming on.

josh is back.
no more two jobs for me.
i hope i get all caught up on work fast today.
then i can go get caught up on all my blogging that i have neglected.
i MISS you girls!!!
must read up.

feel like creating something.
back to work.



Séverine said...

Hey you!
I don't understand everything, because of my super good english, he! But I understand that you LOVE Miles Davis and I do too! ;-)
I just want to let you know that and wish you a wonderful day!

Michelle W. said...

sleep sounds good. Love Miles... Hope kiddo is feeling better.


Alison said...

Love your energy.
I really do.

Nisa said...

glad folks are feeling better.
and get your butt on amazon right now and you gather up those SWH books (first is best if you want an honest opinion)

Kathy Bishop (aka scrappinkat) said...

So Gen my dear did you create ;)

It is good to see you up and feeling better :D

Sarah said...

so glad the boy is better.
and you would have to mention her name and the fact that you can purchase books. Thanks. Next stop: Amazon.

sarah.b said...

I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE Miles Davis, I am a huge jazz fan and he is definitely on the top of my list.

Klala said...

he he. get on that. But watch our=t cause amazon makes it quite easy to pile on books.

Mara said...

glad that things are getting back to normal...
enjoy your weekend.

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