09 May 2006

just a little update

jax is sick.
he's got asthma/reactive airways.
so when he gets a little cold, it turns into this huge lung/coughing issue.
we finally finally got help for him the other morning when dren took him to children's hospital emergency around 3:30am.
i HAD to be at work this week - a co-worker is absent and i've been doing 2 jobs.
dren stayed home today and yesterday.
i reallyreally hope he's well enough to go to school tomorrow.
poor lil dude...
between him and i...man what a mess!
but i'm so glad to finally know the cause of all this coughing.
and to have a treatment.
i think i need a nap.


Missy said...

poor poor poor jax. and mama. and daddy.
you guys get your rest. love you :)

Anonymous said...

poor little man.
poor YOU!
i love ya,
and hope your clan is all better soon!

Nisa said...

oh sweet lil bit shyman...my asthma and I will be thinking of him...sending good open-airway thoughts his way. give him a lil squeeze for me...or a hair muss if that would be less wheeze inducing.
*love yoooo

Alison said...

That's rough.
No way around it.
Pulling for you though.

Mara said...

aww, poor guy.
i hope he's better soon.
and you - go hide under your desk.
i won't tell. :)

The Other Half said...

oh no!! go get some sleep...

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