23 May 2006

lost her ever-lovin mind...

that's me!
two words:


we shall see what we shall see.
i'm doing this with a friend.
it's about bloody time...
but there are issues.

1. i LOVE food.
2. i do not love sprinting around the city (or even moving at a pace that will make my heart pound, my lungs ache, and my body angry)
3. especially not loving starting at 5:00am


the first part will be the hardest.
no sugar.
no carbs.
moderate fats.
i can't even eat carrots for pete's sake!!!!
sounds harsh?
yep...to me too :(
but apparently the idea is that you re-train your body/appetite.
tell that to my bread-and-cheese-and-chocolate-lovin self.

wish me luck!!!


Alison said...

Good luck girl.
You're a better woman than I.

Jen said...

You know, if I wasn't knocked up I would be joining you.
So for that I am thankful.
Although it just means I have to work 10 times harder when all is said and done.
BUt good luck!!

The Other Half said...

i'm feelin ya...been doing the SAAAAAME freakin thing...

only not at 5 am..that's just plain crazy...;-)~

sarah said...

like alison said -
you're a better woman than I am! :)
good luck!
the 5am thing sounds killer!

sarah.b said...

totally need to start doin that same thing myself, problem is i have NO will power, have to try though, I am going to start next week.

Anonymous said...

i do not envy the 5am thing, but good for you and just so you know, i'm about to go and lift weights.

Tami said...

i just made whoopie pies the other day and thought of you, guess that's not on your list either

Missy said...

good luck! and pass some of that determination my way, k?
thanks :)

Funky Finds said...

Just don't deny yourself too much. Don't want to binge once you've been denied so much. It's all about moderation in my book. Good luck! :)

Kelly (emmysmum) said...

Good Luck! The first week is always the hardest! ... wait you look like a skinny-mini? don't diet for too long!

Sarah said...

That's me saying "Luck" with my mouth full of Angel food cake and whipped cream that I should not be eating.
Running? Blugh. Running is for runners, I always say.

Alissa said...

Rock On, Gen! The first week is always the killer, but, once you have it behind you, you'll feel so great!

Now, when I get home from Tennessee, I'll be right out there, too. Maybe not running, but walking at a very fast pace!

Michelle W. said...

good luck


why the heck you want to lose weight?! You look freakin' perfect! Geez... LOL. I'm willing to trade anyday!

Anonymous said...

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