19 May 2006

friday :)

AND it's a long weekend up here in canada.

thanks for the sweet sweet comments & emails...
such awesome support.
so uplifting.
being open to different perspectives is so rewarding.
and i do hope i didn't offend anyone...
with my reference to the whole online friends thing...
cuz man...
some of the most important and amazing people in my life are you.
it's just that disappointment is still there...
just like in real life.
but we roll with the punches, right?
i still feel so lucky and blessed.
for those of you in my life...the genuine people...
the people who are willing to reciprocate...
be open to friendship as a two-way street.
sharing and bearing your souls.
enriching my life.
i love you.

then there's those i hardly know at all...
lurking around.
comment, don't comment...
i don't mind.
it's up to you.
if you can relate to anything i say...
if i can make you smile or laugh...
if i make you mad or sad...(although hopefully not)
i appreciate that you come here.

this week's dare was so fun.
just to relax and play.
let the creativity flow and take over.
i was happy with the results.
everyone did amazing things with this week's dare.
hope you decide to join in!

for my page, i flipped the ad on its side.
as soon as i did that, i was reminded of a window pane.
i know i've done this before, but i wanted to do it again. so there.
i used a plastic card out of my wallet to get those lines of paint...nice and thick.
i had the yummy yummy 7G paper sitting on the table...
it was begging to get cut out.
although that was hard.
i love that paper.
i then journalled around the pp and the edge of the page...
then cut out that window part...
then i tore off the left side of the page because it felt a little unbalanced to me.

my plans for the weekend?
lil man has a soccer game tomorrow.
maybe going to see "over the hedge" tomorrow w/ colleen & the boys
otherwise cleanin and scrappin.
scrappin and cleanin.
and hopefully, staying very close to home.
need me some home time!

i hope everyone has a fabulous friday.


Jen said...

You sound like you're feeling a wee bit better today.
For this, I am glad.
Enjoy your long weekend!

Funky Finds said...

I love your layout! So beautiful & original. And Over the Hedge looks hilarious! I want to see the possums (if you look in my Flickr album you'll see why)...sheesh!

Mara said...

YOU have a wonderful weekend too.
enjoy that home time.
much deserved R&R.
Love the LO.

Jamie said...

your blog is so cute. i love the way that you write. :)

make sure and lotsa scrappin done this weekend so that i have some gorgeousness to praise. :)

sarah.b said...

It is kind of funny because after I read your post yesterday, I kind of had a little melt down, and it was because i have been feeling the exact same way,and I felt like i was alone, but I was happy to know that you feel that way too sometimes. Thank you so much for your honesty, you are very brave, and honesty could never offend me.

Missy said...

oh sweetie. I hear ya on the disappointments :( but yes, it's just like real life... and sometimes you find the best connections.

Alissa said...

So glad you are feeling better! Love the LO! Love the cut out window and the 7gs! :)

Enjoy your long weekend! Ours is next week! :)

angi b said...

gen, i love your style!