29 May 2006


just got back from my run.
woo hoo!
(yeah...don't ask)
smokin hot cup o java sitting beside me...what could be better...aaahhhh.

so today is the unveiling of two challenges from me

1. freestyle blog challenge #6 for which i created this page:

the challenge is to use various mixed up alphas on a page. FUN!

2. leaving memories weekly challenge

this one is all about using patterned paper as the background for a page...a difficult thing for me to get used to, but a trend that is definitely being spotted more and more.

i had a good weekend.
back to work today.
hopefully a quiet day due to the holiday in the states.
i could use a quiet day to ease back into the work thang.


Anonymous said...

those are the best
the green polkies are lovely
YAY!! for getting your
run out of the way!

Funky Finds said...

I saw the first layout on the Freestyle blog. I loved it so much that I saved it to my "examples" folder. Nice work! And the 2nd layout is hilarious!

Mara said...

a run? impressive!
love the LOs, g.

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Love the layouts :)

Michelle W. said...

Java sounds good...

love those layout! Gonna try the freestyle one as soon as I finish the million things I have to do. Ha! Thank goodness for coffee that's all I can say.


Alissa said...

Love them both, G! The photos on the 2nd oneare just hilarious!

Here's to a good day at work!

Caroline said...

you are the coolest!

Christina said...

Hey G!!!!!!!! Miss ya and the girls!

Fabulous layouts girl, loving the mixed alphas and cute bathy hairdos in the tee hee layout!


sarah said...

love those scrappies...
love the tee hee one especially! :)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!