30 May 2006


talk about the silver lining.
talk about taking adversity and something so sad and turning it into a positive thing.
talk about love.
talk about amazing.

this site was made to remember alex, the sister of my dearest g1 and e. alex succumbed to anorexia on march 5, 2006. these girls, with the help of good friends, are making an effort to help individuals and families suffering. no bigger hearts, i swear. they amaze me. they are organizing a run (see the remembering alex site for details) and also raising money by selling t-shirts...and damn...they are sweet. even if you can't make it to the run (which i won't be doing...despite my 5am training and all), check out the t-shirts etc. and support this awesome cause.

i have to choose a shirt still. and i'm thinking they would make awesome gifts too...hmmm.

for my sister, aley (an A name...yeah) who started running not too long ago:

for my mother, annie (another A name...sweet!)

who doesn't need a cool logo mug to sip pipin hot coffee out of each and every morning?

for me (although i'm still contemplating my fave):

and this just makes me want a dog:

there's something else on that site that makes me want a baby, but we won't talk about that.

just wanted to share some of my faves...show off the good stuff. these girls, this family, and the cause deserve all the support i hope they get. and also super excited for an announcement from nisa who is doing her part. love it.


Jen said...

Yes yes yes yes.
And since the bambino will be named Ayla, so very fitting.
Must go buy bib, onesie.
Love that it is for an AMAZING cause.

sarah said...

those two are amazing...
huge hearts. yep, HUGE!
can't wait to sport my shirt...

gabbyfek said...

so much....
you really do. just got me all teary, my dear.
love you oodles and oodles.

erika said...

i love you girl.
this is awesome.

Missy said...

could you be any sweeter?
I love your big huge heart :)

Michelle W. said...

that made me want a dog also!

love that someone will always be remember by their friend. No one ever dies if they exist in someone else's heart! You're a sweetie for doing this!

Mara said...

awesome post, g.

Jamie said...

Yay Gen. :) I love all the support our girls are getting from everyone. Thanks for posting this girly! :)

Anna Aspnes said...

Great post

Anonymous said...

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