20 April 2006

when people love you

it makes bad things seem ok.
your life is easier.
you smile just thinking about them.
they make your day with a single phone call.
they tell you it's ok if you can't talk.
you get flowers when you're sick.
your email inbox is never empty.
you can relax.
i love you.
thank you.


Sarah said...

So sorry you are sick!
So happy you are getting love!
I hope you are spoiled rotten! You deserve it!!!

Mara said...

aww, such a sweet post.
hope you're feeling better.
and you deserve LOADS of flowers and sweet things, dear....

Missy said...

we love you too :)
mwah mwah mwah!!

caroline said...

feel better, chickiee!

Mikaela said...

Love your blog!!

gabbyfek said...

you are so loved, my dear.
so loved.