18 April 2006

guess what i got for easter?

and the matching laparoscpic appendectomy to go along with it.
happy freakin easter huh???
went from a wicked spread @ rhi's to emergency @ UBC...
ended up in surgery @ VGH a little over 12 hours later.
and, due to our wonderful government cutbacks, and no available beds...
here i am at home, discharged about 12 hours after surgery.
i'm actually happy to be at home...
on my couch, laptop on lap,
checkin a little buzz lightyear action with the j-man,
stoned on oxycodone, and pretty much being waited on hand and foot by d.
love this man.
i have a movie, the first season of v-mars, flowers,
all sorts of mags (trashy & fashion), a new book, getting better.
lotsa water, lotsa rest and hopefully a shiny happy me in the next few days...


Tami said...

oh gosh gen. my sister went through this years ago, only it was thanksgiving here in the states. hospital turkey=not a good time. wish you well.

Mara said...

omg, that sucks!!
glad you're ok!!
can i get you anything, sweet g?!rest!!

Missy said...

sweetie. you rest. and if you have any vmars questions... CALL ME. Get better!!

Emmys Mum said...

Stumbled upon your blog and had to say- Get Well soon!

Nisa said...

thinking of you and the lil space where your appendix used to be. sending good thoughts your way my love. take care, watch much tv, read much crap. love you.

Sharma said...

Ahh...no! Glad that you are recovering though... get better

gabbyfek said...

i think i had sympathy g-squared pains on your behalf.... and you can 3-way call me AND missy about vmars, you know. anytime.
and it's not a crockpot.
so not.
get well.

Tam said...

Scary business!

Glad you are ok and being very well taken care of! :)

BTW: Love your computer woes posts (Not that you're suffering but the content kills me...

Take care of you!


Jen said...

Feel better soon sweetums!

sarah said...

how awful!!!
Feed better soon gen!!!

Renee said...


I hope you feel better soon.

I'll drop by to see you in a few days when you're feeling up to it. In the mean time, call me if you need ANYTHING, ok?


angieoh! said...

Oh no! I hope you are feeling better soon.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...


Lu said...

feel better soon, G.

Kirsten said...

Nisa told me about this at lunch -- scary stuff poor thing...I hope you're feeling better by now!