05 March 2006

he's hot AND employed...

yeah baby!
dren starts driving tomorrow night at his new job!
one kinda crappy thing is that he will be working nights to start.
uhm ya. you read that right.
life is gonna get weird.
but i am looking at it in the most positive light i can.
i mean...the financial stress lately has been about killing me.
no more of that...SUCH a good thing.
hopefully in 3 months he'll get to switch to days,
AND get paid double what he's making to start.
that, my friends, is something to look forward to.

going to an oscar party at aley's tonight
our other sister, rhi, won 3 pedicures at a silent auction...
pedicures that come to US...soooo...
foot love at the oscar party!
and mum's getting a manicure
and other friends will get other stuff...too cool!

mum is pretty settled in the basement suite of the quebec st. house
she got in from saturna last week.
i helped her unload the car and get some stuff unpacked.
she is doing SO well.
at some point we will go back to saturna and pick up the last of her stuff.
once the tenant upstairs moves out and she can have her place back.
she is "reclaiming" the house...strong woman.
appointment march 14 w/my parent's therapist for me & him.
should be interesting.

1:45??? better go have a shower and get ready for party!


Missy said...

Hooray Dren!! That's kick ASS!!!
and you're right... he's HOT ;)

I feel ya on the overnight pain :) Call me if you need to, babe ;)

Mara said...

good luck with the new job - hopefully the months will pass quickly and his schedule can change. have fun at the oscar party - mmm, a pedicure sounds SO nice. :)

Robyn said...

congrats on d's new job! How were the pedicures? Sounds wonderful! What color'd ya pick??? :)

Kathy said...

congrats on d getting some gainful employment! Now you can go back to spending ;)

I am happy that there will be less pressure on you now. I know you were really feeling that crunch of all the responsibility.

Good to hear your mum is doing good too!

Erin said...

yay dren!!!!
i'm so happy for you guys!
but i miss you soooooooooo much...
hope you're feeling better!

Michelle W. said...

yay for you!!! So glad to hear about the job!!!


Lu said...

Oh, good for him. love this pick!!

Sarah said...

Nights suck, but not having a job is worse! Congrats!

Klala said...

so handsome....

and glad to hear about your mom. strength. good.

The Other Half said...

yay for working!! glad to hear your mom is doing well

marygrace said...

Did you have a good time at the party?