03 March 2006

fish lips and being too busy

first, the lips (cuz, why not?)

we be silly. i like that.

this week has continued to be insane work-wise.
this is a brief glimpse into a day in the life of me lately:
6:00 alarm goes off
6:07 alarm goes off again (i do hit the snooze button, yes i do)
6:14 alarm goes off again (this time i seriously consider getting up. decide against it)
6:21 alarm goes off (immediately hit snooze)
6:28 alarm goes off (turn alarm OFF...gasp!)
6:29 turn on little light and squint at the pile of clothes on the floor and into the closet, trying to decide what to wear
6:30 get out of bed, stumble to bathroom
6:31 - oh heck i can't seriously go through my whole day minute by minute...
7:30/7:45 arrive @ work
1:00(ish) pause for a bite and a teeny break
4:00 hmmmm time to go home (don't go home, keep working)
4:01 phones are off, blast music and try to focus on some work
6:00(ish) finally pack up and leave
6:30 arrive home
6:35 cram some food in the mouth, madly play and visit w/ boys
7:00 start getting j ready for bed, or d does
7:30 spend some time on computer, answering emails or working more, scrap if i'm lucky
8:00 yawn so much i decide to just veg on the couch instead
(i have no real clue what happens in this time slot...twilight zone)
10:30(ish) decide i'm probably too tired to do anything i should just go to bed

exciting life, huh!!??


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see someone whoese day is as confuseing as mine!
It reminds me of Connecting the dots in some puzzle !

Missy said...

umm yes. Did you sneak into my house?
Because THIS IS MY LIFE. I sure hope things calm down soon!!

caroline said...

ha. i love that pic!

Michelle W. said...

how cute are you guys! Yicks! I don't know what it's like waking up at 6 for so long.


Lu said...

OHH, I love the pic of you two.