04 October 2005

he's going away

D's job is taking him away from us. Not sure for how long. This is all very new to us...being separated at all. It's happened maybe twice for a week at a time in 6 years. He will still be fairly close...we can go see him maybe on the weekends. What a strange, strange adjustment. Me...I'm so busy that life will just have to carry on. But I'll miss him so much...just those moments of knowing he's there with me. The hugs, the kisses, the nice kind things he's always saying and doing...his love, his support. It will all still be there, but I'm pretty much going to be a single mama...at least during the week. And D. He seems kinda screwed up about it. He has NEVER been separated from Jaxon for more than like 3 nights tops. He's feeling weird. I initially was selfish...thinking of the changes to my own life and Jaxon's life and our daily routine. But he needed to hear something else from me...and I realized that thank god.
me: you don't need to worry about us...nothing is going to happen to us just because you're away.
d: it makes me feel so good to hear you say that.

It's a new challenge, but we'll be fine. I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

gen sweetie, when did this happen? do you want to come stay with me for a few months???? jaxon can take jaden's top bunk and you could have caleb's bed since he's always in mine anyway!!! i guess i'll just have to start calling you weeknights to keep you company! i'll talk to you soon... erin

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that D has to work away on business. Hopefully it's only temporary and it won't last long. Big hugs to you three :)

Anonymous said...

hey gen...you know that we are here if you need us.